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 University Community Transformation Centre

The UM Academia-Community Engagement (UMACE) Conference


Since 2016, Universiti Malaya has conducted a community engagement conference through The Community and Sustainability Centre (UMCares).  In 2019, UMCares took a challenge by promoting this conference internationally with a new branding- The Universiti Malaya Academia-Community Engagement (UMACE) International Conference. The aim of UMACE is to gather researchers, scientists, policymakers, government agencies, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and all the stakeholders that involve directly or non-directly in community engagement projects.


This conference acts as a platform that enables researchers and organizations to share valuable information and experience which will subsequently contribute to carrying out more refined community projects. The goal of UMACE 2.0 is to improve the quality of future community projects by exchanging insights via oral and poster presentations. UMACE 2.0 will involve speakers with professional expertise and experiences in the engagement of community projects. The anticipated participation by the guest will allow a greater contribution in achieving the maximum impact. For UMACE 2.0, it will be conducted in two platforms- online (webinar) and on-site due to the pandemic Covid-19 outbreak.

The objectives are:

  1. As a platform to showcase and share the experience of community projects by researchers and organizations.
  2. To give an opportunity for researchers involved in conducting community projects to discuss, exchange opinions and share any effective practices in organizing community projects, especially during the pandemic.
  3. To increase national and international industrial collaboration opportunities through digital platform as adaptation to new normal.


Sustaining Community Engagement during the Pandemic