Pusat Transformasi Komuniti Universiti

 University Community Transformation Centre


Sekolah@UKM Logo:

About Sekolah@UKM:

Sekolah@UKM is an UKM programme with schools which includes various activities aligned to UKM’s 45th anniversary

Sekolah@UKM Objectives:

  • Providing Education services to communities specifically to students and teachers.
  • To affirm the strength of Pusat Tanggungjawab (PTj) (faculty/institute/centre/college) in solving education based challenges.
  • Expending high impact knowledge and research.
  • Exploring opportunities for research as a result of interaction with communities.
  • Enhance Strategic Partnership
  • Enhance the soft skills for UKM students through programme engagement
  • Enhance the quality of teaching and learning of teachers and students.
  • Provides a pathway for students to be with UKM in the future (Junior Alumni)