Vision & Mission


UKM will be recognised nationally and internationally as a leading model of an engaged university by 2018.


UKM will drive strategic and sustainable university-industry-community engagement at national, regional and international levels, by developing and implementing an engagement operational plan to enhance the University’s core business of education, research and service.


  1. Helping faculty create the practical component for university courses.
  2. Connecting faculty and students to urban and rural transformation activities.
  3. Enabling local community members to access university courses and underutilized facilities.
  4. Engaging highly qualified experts to teach short-term practical courses.
  5. Utilising intellectual & physical infrastructure of universities to promote entrepreneurship.

Value Proposition

  • Develop clear governance and policy structures to be a leader and model and engagement.
  • Develop and implement mechanisms for tracking, monitoring and evaluating engagement.
  • Enhance graduate employability.
  • Promote academic attachments in industry/community.
  • Enhance industry/community collaborations in Niche Research Areas.
  • Enhance the University’s social innovation and service through engagement initiatives that promote equity and social participation.
  • Develop internal capacity through teaching and learning to undertake high quality industry and community engagement.
  • Secure resources to achieve UKM’s industry and community engagement strategic plan.
  • Enhance visibility of engagement initiatives through national, regional and international accreditation and platforms.